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Thanks for the few days in the Caterham July 25, 2007

Posted by openroadhire in Testimonials.

Hi Andrew,

Sorry it’s taken so long to e-mail – it’s been a really busy first week back
at work!

Just a quick note to say thanks for the few days with the Caterham – they
were absolutely fantastic!  I haven’t stopped raving on about it and showing
pictures and video to anyone who’ll listen since getting back!

It was so much fun to drive!  The worst part of the whole trip was getting
back in the Audi to head home!  And I just wanted to scrap my Peugeot when I
got back – there is nothing to compare to the Caterham!  I’ve also never had
so much attention in any of my other cars!  People stopped us wherever we
were to ask what the car was etc.

I couldn’t recommend your service highly enough!  It was more like going to
see a friend than getting involved a business transaction – very friendly
service and it was excellent to sit down for a coffee and a chat when we got
back!  Also thanks for being so accommodating about our pick-up and drop-off
schedule as I know the hours were unusual.

Your suggestion that both myself and Iain bring our girlfriends back with us
and take out two of the new cars for a few days has been very well received
by them both, so hopefully we’ll get that arranged over the summer!

Once I get a chance to select some of the photos and edit some of the video
I will forward these on as I think people will appreciate how excellent an
experience hiring the Caterham can be, especially as we were blessed with
good weather – but also how funny it is even when you get caught in a
downpour and have to do a formula 1 style pit stop to fit the roof, which we
did a couple of times!

Just again to say thanks, and hopefully we’ll see you again soon!

Cheers, Colin



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