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“Nice car Mister” – typical day out in a Caterham Seven May 10, 2008

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Just a short note to thank you for the excellent day we enjoyed a few Sundays ago.  The car was nothing short of awesome, the route was perfectly worked out, and how you organized a summer day in mid April is still impressing me…


Strapping myself into the harness and pressing the starter button to hear the roar of the exhaust a few inches away was just fantastic!  I have to admit to being a little nervous as I eased out of the driveway but the car is remarkably easy to drive, and as we drove out of Perth to the shouts of “nice car mister” I could tell we were in for a good day.


We followed your suggested route over to Loch Tay which took us on some beautiful single track roads with the sun shining and snow on the mountain tops – magical!  We only met a couple of other cars all morning – and the Caterham has a strange effect on other drivers – they just pull over with a smile and wave you past, with a look of “If Only” on their face.


In fact even the bikers we met at the Post Office cafe were all taking notice of the little Caterham, and I’m sure there was a hint of jealousy in their questions – although that may have been because I was enjoying the sunshine in a T-shirt and they were sweating in their full leather suits!


The afternoon run back down to Loch Tay was great, and a blast along a couple of A roads really clears the senses.  The most fun in this car seems to come from the acceleration and noise you experience getting up to 60, and I am well and truly hooked – even my new Mazda RX8 seemed a little tame in comparison!


I will definitely be booking again, hopefully in August with a few friends, so I look forward to speaking to you then.







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