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Kit-car? No, it’s a Caterham Seven original! June 25, 2008

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Loch Tay from Ben Lawers

If you’ve seen one of these little cars pass on the street then you’ll know the effect it has; heads turn, everybody smiles and small boys shout, “nice car mister”. Believe me it’s even more fun when you’re behind the wheel or even in the passenger seat. Suddenly driving is exciting again, just like when you got behind the wheel of your first car.


There are now several conventional cars available where you can remove the roof but nothing comes close to the sensation of the Caterham Seven. Originally designed as the Lotus Seven in 1957, it retains the designer’s philosophy of basic simplicity and minimum weight. Engines, brakes and comfort have improved greatly over the years, but the aerodynamics weren’t tuned in a wind tunnel so you feel the wind, there’s no sound-proofing so you hear what’s going on under the bonnet and the car’s light weight, tuned engine and track pedigree makes it ultra responsive without being intimidating. You will be surprised at how quickly you become comfortable and confident with this little car. They are great fun within the legal limits and such is the impression of speed that you’ll probably drive slower than normal. Just ignore the white van on your tail and enjoy the world going by.


OK, the buses and lorries do look bigger than usual, but leave them behind as you explore Perthshire’s ‘B’ roads and exciting single tracks. The scenery is even better viewed from a Caterham and the mountains look bigger too.


Driving one of these used to be the exclusive reserve of a few lucky enthusiasts but now anyone* can hire one for a day or two of real motoring. Open Road Hire Ltd of Perth offer four of them in a choice of colours for daily hire enabling  anyone, over 25 and with no more than 6 penalty points, to experience the thrill of this ultimate fun car. Rates are £160 for the first day with reductions for additional days. Guaranteed to keep two people smiling all day long.


Your day starts with a briefing on the car’s controls, all very straight-forward, and instructions on how to erect the hood, just in case it rains. It’s a push-button affair: 24 buttons to be precise, but it is surprisingly effective. 


Also for visitors unfamiliar with Perthshire, the owners have prepared a range of suggested routes with descriptions, turn-by-turn instructions, recommended stops and eating places ensuring a really great day out.


Just into his second year in business, Andrew Still, reports as very gratifying and encouraging, the number of people who have returned for a second time often bringing friends along.


Next time you’re wondering what to do on a sunny day, give Andrew a call on 01738 622 411 and hope there’s still a car available.




1. Zoie's Auto Corner - June 26, 2008

Hey. While I was blog hopping, I came across you blog. Loved this article by the way.


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