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We NEED a Caterham Seven September 24, 2008

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Hope you are well.  Just a short line to say that our weekend with the Yellow Caterham was absolutely fantastic.  I think we experienced the best and worst weather for the Caterham.  Roof off all day Saturday and roof on all day Sunday because it was lashing it down!  Whether in the wet or the dry it performed fantastically and sounded brilliant!  Its a quick car up to 5,500rpm, but a really quick car from there up to 7,500rpm…!  

Every single time we parked up people came over to speak to us and ask about the car – even a group of bikers were intrigued by it and showed us some respect…well sort of!!  At traffic lights people waved, pointed and smiled, and the attention was great.  I don’t think we’d have had the same sort of reaction if we’d have been in something like a Ferrari.

The only problem now is that we’ve both agreed that we NEED a Caterham and its looking like we’ll go 50:50 on one.  It won’t be for a couple of years though so we’ll be in touch next year book another weekend!

Once again many thanks for the excellent personal service, quality cars and tremendous scenery – check out the background in the attached photos – A861 West from the Corran Car Ferry, alongside Loch Sunart. 

Best regards and see you again

 Matt Crofts and Rob Bales



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