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What the Magazines Say about the Caterham Seven

“I have got to get me one of these (at least for a day)” IS Magazine “Caterham have a magical ability to combine brilliant handling with excellent ride quality.” Classic Car “The purest distillation of the sports car driving experience.” Classic Car “The greatest achievement by Caterham is supplying the driver with the kind of feedback only a single seater normally provides”  Track and Race Cars “I’ve never had so much fun behind the wheel of a car before – the grin factor was immense.”  Octane Magazine “There’s no other car makes driving so real.”  Niche Motor Finance “Less is a whole lot more.”  Classic Car “Why can’t all cars feel this fast and fun at just 60mph.? Autocar “Find an empty winding road early on a summer morning and you’ll discover that Seven rhymes with heaven.”  City Life “If you enjoy driving, there simply is nothing better.”  Autocar “Caterham Sevens are such a unique and brilliant thing, delivering a driving experience about as pure as they come, every reaction being exactly in proportion to your input.”  Autocar “If it’s seat of your pants fun you’re looking for, the Caterham Seven delivers and then some.”  City Life “the Seven is still the king of the thrills after 50 years” Classic & Sports Car Magazine      



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